Thoughtful and beautiful web design for delivering clear messages. Scandinavian web design firm based in Shanghai.

About us & contact

Our work is based on the Scandinavian design tradition: simplicity and thoughtfulness in web design and development.

We want the web to be a beautiful place, where information is accessible, findable and usable. Where your time is well spent.

Today, many websites are not useful, because you can’t find them, you can’t navigate them, they don’t tell you what you want to know or they’re just plain ugly – or in too many cases all of the above.

Beautifying the web, one website at a time, by creating thoughtful web design and development, we take part in improving the way people and businesses communicate with each other online.

  • We believe that simple things are easier to understand,
  • we believe in doing things the right way, and
  • we believe that the end-user is always right.

How to contact us
E-mail us at:

Danska Designs
  • What we can do for you:
    - Logo & Company Identity
    - Web Design
    - iPhone Applications
    - Content Management System
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    - Web sites
    - Logos
    - Company identity

  • Find answers to your questions about web design and development. We share our knowledge and experience in making web sites.

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